'If you hear a trumpet late at night
shut your door and lock it tight'
‘If you see a tattooed woman sing
you better hide your brandy and your gin’

Recently selected as one of the top twenty festival acts to book in the UK (FestivalFlyer.com), The Brandy Thieves are a band that has ‘built a reputation of blowing the roof off every venue they play’, a band that is ‘impossible not to dance to’. One of the breakthrough acts of last year’s Bearded Theory Festival, the multi-national rag tag bunch combine gypsy rhythms and punk energy, ska grooves and folk storytelling, to create a sound that is uniquely their own.Raucous’ ‘Infectious’ ‘Enthralling’ and  ‘Captivating’, the six piece are sure to be the highlight for many gig and festival goers this year. The Brandy Thieves are a band not to be missed.

The Brandy Thieves are Andrea ‘The Tattooed Woman’ Kenny, Cain ‘The Sauce Boss’ Barriskill, Joe ‘The Cravat’ Carey, Chris 'Superboy' Swirles & Sebastian 'Morningstar' Mikolajczyk.

“The Brandy Thieves are an absolutely amazing live act”

Lal Muttock - BBC Introducing 

"Coming across like the missing link between Gogol Bordello and Fairground Attraction, they excite and enthrall with their stunning performance"

Sean Tizzard - E-Festivals.com

“Whether it be in a dark venue or on a festival stage, their presence and music draw the punters in to witness a stunning performance of feel good party music but with passion and musicianship.”

Gaz Birtles - The Beautiful South, Simon Says Festival


The debut single form The Brandy Thieves' latest E.P. 'Devil's Wine'.

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